What Trainees Say



The Institute for Change Leaders has trained 1800+ students since April 2015. These are some of the workshops we've run!


  • Building Skills for Change in Early Childhood Education and Child Care Training, 36 people, Feburary 2017
  • Building Skills for Change, February Training, 30 people, February 2017
  • CanRoots, Public Narrative, 40 people, February 2017
  • Laurier Student Public Interest Research Group, Intensive Strategy Training, February 2017
  • Ontario Federation of Labour, Ontario Organizer Training, 30 people, January 2017
  • Ontario Federation of Labour, Brampton Training, 200 people, December 2016
  • Ottawa Building Skills for Change, 24 people, November 2016
  • Community Development Students, 24 people, November 2016
  • Building Skills for Change Training, 40 people, October 2016
  • Ryerson Building Skills for Change, 35 people, October 2016
  • Diverse Workers' Network, 30 people, June 2016
  • Jack Layton School, 55 people, June 2016
  • We Working Women, 35 people, June 2016
  • AMAPCEO, 60 people, May 2016
  • Outward Bound, 15 people, April 2016
  • United Way, 68 people, April 2016
  • Ontario Public Sector Employees’ Union, 20 people, April 2016
  • Leadnow and Fair Vote Canada, 60 people, March 2016
  • Alberta Government Caucus, 50 people, April 2016
  • Building Skills for Change, 55 people, February 2016
  • Filipino Women’s Network, 20 people – November 2015
  • Jack Layton Leadership School, 215 people – June 2015, July 2015
  • Public Service Association of Canada, 20 People, July 2015
  • Toronto Youth Cabinet, 30 people, July 2015
  • Danforth East Community Association, 16 people, July 2015
  • Social Planning Council of Ontario, 35 people, May 2015
  • Community Development Workers Network, 80 people, April 2015
  • Rabble.ca, 40 people, April 2015


“This training has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded people to network and put my plans into action.  Expect some change Toronto.” Eric Rogers


“This training helps one to focus on what’s really important and how to effectively apply what has been presented.” Gord Jackson


“This program has taught me many useful skills I would not have learn in my courses at Ryerson.  I now have some knowledge I can apply to not only organizing projects, but in interpersonal communication, presentation delivery and relationship building.  I am also very inspired to be more actively involved in volunteering for projects I am passionate about in my community.  It was an honour to have been given the change to attend the program.” Sindy Ng


“The program doesn’t just teach you about leadership. It lets you learn how to act, take action and make a difference in the world.” Nikolas Koschany


“I came without a specific campaign in mind, but now I can’t wait to lay out a plan and get started with a full (overflowing) toolkit!” Marce Bylinska


“This weekend provided me with much insight on the experiences of the largely diverse group of people I got to learn with. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic program” Maria Gaziano


“I would recommend taking this program to anyone with a passion and a reason to make change. You will be deeply affected positively by the learnings provided” Brittahy M. Stevens

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