Training Fees

The Institute for Change Leaders regularly goes where people work and live to deliver the training they need in the places they already are. 

This is our standard pricing structure. For groups with limited resources to afford training, we can offer discounts on a case-by-case basis. To set up a training, email 

Item Cost
Teaching Fee
(includes preparation)
1 Day = $2000
1/2 = $1200
per hour = $300
Facilitator (we strive to keep the facilitator ratio as close to one facilitator per six students; our facilitators have been personally trained by Olivia Chow) 1 Day = $250
1/2 Day = $150
per hour = $50
Facilitator Training
Learn to become one of the Institute's Facilitators for Future Trainings
$150/hour Trainer + $50/hour Facilitator Support
Administration (includes preparing materials, setting up slides, scheduling facilitators) <1 day = variable on hour length
When weekend training lead required = $250
Per Hour Administration Required (amounted determined when agreeing to Training fee): $80/hour
Per workbook $10 per workbook, 1 workbook per student
(organization may choose to print)

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