Kat Horne


Kat's passion for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves lead to an 8-year role with the Nova Scotia SPCA where she served on the board of directors and was elected Vice President. During this tenure, she collaborated with an amazing team of volunteer professionals to turn the organization from struggling-to-survive to becoming a 4-star internationally recognized charity (Charity Intelligence Canada) by revitalizing the organizations’ operations, donor relations, and financial transparency. After completing treatment for breast cancer in 2015, Kat chose to step out on the ledge and bravely walk a new path towards enlightenment and purpose. With more than 25 years of corporate experience, she brings to us her diverse background combined with her passion for change and a desire to walk the road less travelled. As an active member of the LGBT community, Kat has a hunger for equality and justice. Her focus on personal growth, yoga, cycling, and anything involving water and a paddle have been instrumental in this journey.

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