Rizwan Tufail

Rizwan Tufail is one of the most experienced members of the ICL teaching team, having taken Marshall Ganz’s curriculum during a full-semester course while studying for his Master’s degree at Harvard’s Kennedy School in 2012. Rizwan teaches ICL's flagship Building Skills for Change workshop and supports the growth of youth, ECEs, African community leaders, and countless other leaders striving to make change across Canada. His dedication and commitment to ICL come from a genuine love for storytelling and a passion for teaching others the skills they need to make the change they want.  

Rizwan is a technological wizard with over 25 years working in the industry. He has worked for industry leaders such as Microsoft and Mozilla and runs a public policy consulting house. The need to fight for technological equity drives him to be a change leader. The vast benefits of technological advancement are not experienced by all segments of the population. In our fast-paced world, while most of us are racing ahead, Rizwan fights for those who are being left behind.

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