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The Institute for Change Leaders was established to teach the skills that organizers need to win social change. To date, ICL has trained over 7500 change-makers.

But what happens when someone finishes the training, and wants to stay connected with the  ICL community? That’s where the ICL Alumni Association comes in!

The ICL Alumni Association is a network for alumni to stay connected with ICL, build partnerships, and stay engaged in an active, dynamic community of practice.

Position Description:

We are looking for people to join the Alumni Association Executive Committee! Membership is open to all ICL Alumni in good standing with ICL including those who have attended events and workshops. Anyone can join as a Member. Executive Committee Members are elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting in October and can serve a maximum of 3 terms. 

Executive members attend monthly meetings, help to organize networking events, build connections with partner organizations, and fundraise as needed. Joining the executive is a great way to continue developing your organizing and leadership skills. 

This is a volunteer position. 

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Executive, please contact [email protected]. The AGM will be held in October of this year, and a new executive will be voted in by the membership.

The Executive Committee Members roles include:


  • Oversee and lead monthly Executive Committee meetings by developing an agenda and chairing the meetings 
  • Collectively lead the development of an annual work plan for the Alumni Association directed by the membership
  • Provide periodic reports to the Institute for Change Leaders Board of Directors
  • Work jointly with Outreach to facilitate alumni recruitment, engagement, and retention for the Association
  • Maintain and build trusted relationships with alumni, partners, and stakeholders and act as an advocate on behalf of the Institute for Change Leaders
  • Collectively lead the development and organization alumni association event(s): agenda, speakers, logistics, etc.
  • Work with the Project Organize team to design and host independent and jointly-held workshops as necessary 


  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Maintain minutes of each Alumni Association Executive meeting and ensure that the minutes are maintained in the ICL shared drive
  • Ensure minutes are distributed to Executive Team shortly after each meeting
  • Work with Chair and Board of Directors to develop annual budget for the Association
  • Oversee and review the Association’s financial statements
  • Ensure that all financial transactions are documented and reported
  • Present the financial statements to the Advisory Board
  • Liaise with ICL representative to receive Board of Directors updates on fiances, including membership dues paid and budget


  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Work with the Executive Team to develop and implement a communication plan for the Association
  • Contribute to the Association’s media presence with articles and resources
  • Prepare and distribute media releases
  • Work with ICL staff to establish rapport with media outlets to ensure their participation in Association events
  • Track media coverage and follow industry trends


  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Communicate the role of the Alumni Association and what we’re trying to achieve to the wider community
  • Outreach role should be doing outreach for the Alumni Association only and reaching out to alumni – ICL will do outreach for itself separate from the Association
  • Outreach role should be taking the lead on building relationships on behalf of the association; They should submit notes to the executive about requests from alumni, what they’re saying and asking for (feedback to us)
  • Acts as a liaison with ICL to help us recruit new members
  • To separate customer service from outreach: all ICL-related feedback to be sent to ICL Coordinator
  • Will help find people, speakers, and with networking


  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Work jointly with all Executive Committee members as needed

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