Take your community organizing skills to the next level with this advanced workshop series.

This workshop teaches advanced community organizing skills, centred on five key leadership practices: telling stories, building relationships, structuring teams, strategizing, and taking action.


  • Feel more comfortable adapting your story for different audiences.
  • Understand the principles behind coaching and demonstrate them in one-on-one practice.
  • Present a story that weaves the concepts of self, us and now that connects to your organizing statement.
  • Learn how the theory of change, tactics, and campaign timelines impact each other.
  • See how narrative, relationship building, structure, and mobilizing are linked through strategy to create change.
  • Create a campaign timeline and a series of nested goals with identified smart tactics for an organizing project you are working on.
  • Understand how to identify decision-makers and see which communities could turn their resources into power.
  • Rank how effective tactics are based on whether they increase power and move your team toward a strategic goal.
  • Learn how to structure your team in a way that shows the principles of the snowflake model.


Who: Those with organizing experience and/or have taken ICL's flagship course People, Power, Change.

When: Contact us to schedule a training.

Cost: To be determined according to group size, structure and needs.

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