We offer a number of different training options, in-person or online, from multi-day courses on the fundamentals of community organizing to single evening sessions on specialized skills like social media and public speaking.

Take a look at our course offerings below. Don't see what you're looking for? Drop us a line at changeleaders@ryerson.ca and we'll work with you to develop a custom program that meets your needs.

Building Skills for Change

Our flagship two-day training on the fundamentals of community organizing. Learn the five key leadership practices to build power and win change.

Building communications capacity

Learn how to improve your communications skills and make effective use of the abundance of media vehicles available to accomplish your campaign goals.

Art & Social Change

Learn to use artistic expressions—including music, film, art, and performance—to tell your story and motivate others to action.

Communication Skills for Social Change

Learn to communicate effectively, refine your messages, improve your presentation skills, and grow your profile.

Public Narrative: Telling Stories that Motivate and Inspire

Learn how to use the power of storytelling to connect, build community, and spur action.

Media Training

Explore how the media work, how to craft an effective message and how to prepare for an interview through interactive role-playing, coaching and practice.

Public Speaking

Learn how to deliver a message with logical, emotional and ethical impact, as well as how to respond to challenging questions with credibility, clarity and consistency.

Strategic Communications Planning

Gain tools to help identify audiences, messages and the key drivers of behaviour to craft effective and unique campaign strategies and tactics.

Public Narrative: Tier 2

Olivia Chow teaches this advanced workshop. Learn how to translate your values into action: engaging heart, head, and hands.

Introduction to Public Narrative

Learn the leadership practice of the Public Narrative: using personal values to galvanise others into action through storytelling.

How to Lobby an MP

Olivia Chow teaches you how to effectively lobby your elected representative.

Digital Campaigning

Learn the fundamentals of running an effective digital campaign.

Social Media for Organizing and Activism

Learn how to put social media to work for your campaign.

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